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Since there wasn't a journal yet except a really old one that had nothing in it, I've created a new journal entry to explain what will be happening with this account.

This is an account managed by two people, codenamed Gil and Kaz, who aim to create a Warhammer 40K fanfiction and related art here in the foreseeable future.
Currently, what we'll say is that it will be about a small Sisters of Battle priory located on a planet of otherwise mediocre significance. And trouble is headed straight for it.

The main character will be Sister Brittany, or Bree as she prefers to be called, a loyal, spirited member of her order, but not necessarily the brightest person. While she isn't particularly stupid either, her intelligence can be described as slightly below average, and this, coupled with her enthusiasm, leads to her sometimes making bad decisions.
For what it's worth however, she makes up for her brains with brawn, towering over most other Sisters and wielding her chainsword with great ferocity.

Bree can be found in the gallery. The art, in all it's mediocre glory, is courtesy of yours truly. Rule of thumb: Kaz is the artsy person. Gil is the writey person. We brainstorm the story's concepts together, but develop them through different methods, those respectively being my underwhelming but decent drawing skills, and Gil's rather good writing skills.

I hope that whoever may read this is looking forward to the coming work, and will enjoy it when it's posted.
Thanks for reading!


It should be noted that Kaz takes half the credit he deserves and tacks it needlessly onto my writing skills.

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Gil and Kaz
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